A Promise Kept

Joy makes wet your eyes. Oh what joy!
A knight appears,
Tears a kerchief, wipes all tears.
Christens you: Joy.
You took of all he gave to you.
And found true love.
Of this which you never thought of,
He vowed to you
Peace he offers. Beautiful peace.
The kind that lasts.
Outlasts all known feel. Yes. Outlasts.
There you found bliss.
He made you a vow. Did not He?
To have, to hold.
Gold you became, beautiful gold.
It was to be.

2 something PM, 151116

Laying on the parlor three-sitter,

I fell into a deep sleep. Dreamless.

I regained consciousness a few micro-seconds

before my body, the blanket and pillow

hit the carpeted floor of the sitting room.

I got back up, regrouped all that was fallen

and closed my eyes once again.

Only, now I didn’t sleep.

I thought about my fall.

I felt it was hilarious – it’s been so long

something as that happened with me.

But I couldn’t laugh.

“Ehen. So the next thing will be to write a crash report abi?”

I said that pissed, and to no one in particular.

My crash disrupted my ‘deep sleep’

and that was enough reason to not

laugh I concluded.

I thought about saving paper by

making a boat, or a jet, or an aeroplane.

This thought made me smile, on the inside.


Much from the past is buried in the catacombs certain memories lie –

That part of the mind that seeks to forget

– For some reason which is vague to her.

She thought,

Perhaps the past that is forgotten,

Would bring with it some ache if remembered.


Memories come as unconnected, unordered flashbacks, as glitches.

Now they are here. Now they are gone.

Others caress the mind, putting one cerebral against the other;

Leading them on, giving away nothing.

These ones, she likes and dislikes.

She’s a contradicter.


But when something

Of the likeness of joy seizes her,

And a memory be born of it,

She offers it a place among her

World of remembrance


She takes the pictures and make a story from them;

The time she frowned,

The time she laughed out loud.

When she acted a lout,

Or a genius from among her few acquaintances.


She imagined kissing a man wearing no hair

Around his temples.

And using her fingers to feel the skin beneath his beard and moustache.

And wondered why he and four other role players are smoking,

The first thirty minutes of the movie she’s seeing.

She imagined again, what it will be like

To just grab a smoke out of her purse,

As did them moments ago.


She’s a rebel. A quiet and conscious one.

Obscenity lurks around the words she’s about to speak

A telling of what shouldn’t be heard, places itself on her tongue

She’s a rebel. But she’s a conscious and quiet one.

She speaks them loud;

Only from within.


This is about her.

But this is not all to her.

About her, I will write, when the night becomes quiet again

And the only sounds I hear

Be the ones I filter

Through this thin membrane;

Visible to all who, nocturnal they are,

Are ordinary and human.

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The Regrettable Song

I guess it started with a glimpse
And words said with one's lips
A 'hello' and 'hi'
A 'good day' and 'goodbye'

It moved to tiny conversations
And hidden admiration,
With a probable mixture
Of a virgin lens' capture

Feelings could no longer stay caged
And the words to express gushed
Out freely
The hounds caged so long were out on a rampage

A light was lit, but made to burn only a little
Because a mad man's heart felt brittle
He feared the turning of flesh to stone
And the breaking with sticks of bones

With time past,
He thought to let the flames burn blue
But his lips remained unmoved, retaining it's black hue

He was perturbed within
For a night and a day
He knocked but no one to let him in
It was another night and a day

For the stifler of flames
Has tasted of the bitterness of misguided aims
Another had kept the fire burning
While he remained stoic to guttural churning

From The Laity

I stared at a blinking cursor a moment more than many

I listened to voices from a raised platform in front of me

What I sought was the linking string between the two

I waited …

I waited …

Not for long though

Before another voice sounded from the right side of me

Then I found a link

It was a story of One who did some act of love

And it was me who was loved


    I awake

    And to the tune I’ve awoken not

    I lay on my mattress

    While cards I lay on plain squares

    A prayer said at morn

    Was to my God an offering

    Requesting calm for the day before noon

    The words from my heart went

    Than granted my God said

    Gratitude to the One whom all men fall under

    In whose throne dwells creatures of beauty

    For a messenger carries with It a reply

    As to each man his request be

Change Unchanged

    It is as it begins that it ends
    A blue hue at dawn
    A blue hue at dusk
    Upon rising at a time
    Set to sleep at another

    Ordinary as such may seem
    Wonder is what comes to mind
    At the ways of nature
    Telling what tomorrow may be
    Revealiing life as it unfolds

    It continues thus everyday
    But for a change which comes
    At a set time and season
    For even this change
    Remains yet unchanged
    With the passage of time

    The axis does not alter its position
    Neither does the speed of rotation
    It shall remain so as life lives
    It is as it begins that it ends

If Only

    If only you could with me be
    That I may place a kiss
    Upon your lips
    Not as a peck
    But a deep throaty kiss
    And feel your breathe
    Down my face and neck

    If only you would let me
    Feel your touch
    Which causes waves
    Running haywire
    From my head to crouch
    And burn as a furnace
    Spewing heat from
    Within my core

    If only I could whisper a word
    Or two in your ears
    That our hearts beat
    Rhythmically bearing
    One another’s cares

    If only I could not just wish
    But feel thee in my reverie;
    Would I place my hand
    On your beating heart
    And strike the strings
    Of your harp
    And music so gracious,
    So melodious
    Would not the uncertainties
    Of life deter

    I would take you
    If you would me
    And hold firm our hearts
    In a clamp
    That when fire burns
    From within,
    Shining brighter
    Than a watchman’s lamp,
    We would

I Burn

    The flames flicker
    From below flows its fuel
    Even gravity holds no bulls by the
    It is of the heart
    It lacks completeness
    For the other above warns
    But it’s been stifled
    Death is not come

    Life is a betrayer
    Infidelity is its hubby
    Promises it makes
    Are only transient
    Forgotten at a snap

    I prefer death
    For death is sure
    It is more certain
    It’s words are true
    Lies are far from it

    Life serves deceit in a goblet
    Where all mankind drink
    Unbeknownst of it’s bite
    Like an ulcer
    From where birth pangs are felt

    Death only keeps silent
    It is no telltale
    Uninformed it keeps you
    Of when in it’s embrace,
    One sleeps and is thoughtless

    Be it life or death,
    The bliss in nothingness,
    The joy in knowing,
    The pain in hurt,
    The hurt in pain,
    I will be.

To Nigeria

    Good morning mother
    Blessed are you among many
    A jewel, a precious stone
    Placed upon you is a responsibility
    I bid you to gird your loins
    For your youngings which suckled at your bosom
    Have grown.

    You have shown much Philoprogenitiveness
    But hate spurned their hearts;
    One brother against another
    With a gun, gunned down
    A son of one’s youth.
    A head is but a cork,
    Pulled out to spill the red wine
    That sustains

    We sons that went prodigal
    Here beseech thee
    That you not lose hope
    That you remain fervent in believe.
    Look not upon our rebellion
    But pray we find the lost path
    Indeed, in thee we find strength for
    Tomorrow is not what is coming,
    For tomorrow has begun.