Oh how I love the sound of the water as it beats against the walls

A close look at it – like a medicine man’s charm – soothes the mind and body

The musical chimes created by it as it resonates surpasses the best symphonies

The wind billows at it as a man beckons a woman

And before long, it is seen rising to meet the wind, up above

Waves…ripples are created which travel farther down whence it began

For the love between the two is inexplicable, and transcends certain borders



Be it the greens, the blues, the grey, the other myriad colours nature possesses, there is always beauty that is almost palpable.

Be it the chirping or the croaking;

The trumpeting or the howling;

The barking or the meowing;

The hissing or the growling;

The loud sounds that cause us to shriek,

Pumping volumes of adrenaline to our parts,

Or the other sounds – inaudible to human ears,

There is something musical, as melody is created from a whole lot of creatures

Raising their voices from where their breathe emanates.


Be it the ripples of the waters or its great waves;

The course through which it travels kilometres away from its source;

The way it welcomes and acquiesce with the many animals that inhabit it;

Nature has a way of creating a perfect thing.


And talk about the big, enormous, gigantic (permit me to use several synonyms)

Wonders of nature – the mountains, plateaus, hills – some coming into existence

By the vomiting of the earth’s core,

Others as a result of One’s premeditated plan.

They stand with their heads held high, emanating an aura of confidence and surety.

Beautiful dark skins they wear, sometimes metamorphosing into more grandeur edifices.


And the plants. WOW!

Oh how I wish I could give a blind man sight to behold the numerous colours,

shapes, sizes, patterns, artistically put together, sometimes juxtaposed

and superimposed to form a single entity;

Better than the works of Rembrandt, Masaccio, Leonardo Da Vinci

Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian and all other great artists, put together.


It then occurred to me that these all couldn’t have come by accident

No way!

A great designer and architect put all of nature in place so man may behold,

appreciate and relish in its beauty;

And even attempt to create a master piece from the Master’s Piece

And know that One made it all.