To you…

We sometimes create a cloud around us so when people look at us, they see partially; what they see, they see through an opaque film.
And so we get so lonely bearing our insecurities, paranoia, misplaced judgements and phobias all alone.
Some reach out to us but we shut them out; not because we don’t want them around but cause we are not letting our baggage go.
Friends…good ones would have been made had we not ignored their outstretched arm of love.
Some left immediately, yet others stood by waiting for us to take their hands, but we didn’t.
They left too.
But who wouldn’t?

The past cannot be changed, but the future we seek can be set-up now – the present.
Let go off the baggage we carry.
Love is everywhere, we just don’t see it – yet not without eyes.
Be a friend, accept friendship; not all though.
For a friend could be closer than a brother.

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