Love at its best, from one heart to another.




If we get lost together
In a slow dance
I hope we still can find each other. 

If we try to forget the world
With music and laughter
And acts of kindness
I hope that you remember me
And I, you. 

If we try to save the world
And become heroes of sorts
Hardworking and steadfast in commitment
To those that we care to help
I hope that in this beautiful distraction
The love we share lingers still. 

If we try to shield our hearts
From the pain this world brings
And shield our minds
From the filth society offers
I hope that you remember
To take me with you
To your place of safe shelter. 

If things turn sour
And dreams get rotten
Old and forgotten
And our once firm skins
Begin to slacken
I hope that you have stories to share
Stories of me and of us

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