Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Is beauty mostly subjective?

There’s the beauty within, which can’t be seen but felt and there’s the one which the eyes can behold and feel with limbs. I like both, but prefer the former.

I believe that a person is the same (physically and otherwise). What differs is the individuals that perceive, and what they perceive using their visual sense. We’re like mirrors, reflecting differently what we see. The object or subject being reflected is one and the same, it’s the reflectors (we, the mirrors) that tend to differ in what we project about that which we see.

Some form of beauty is intangible – that which radiates from the heart and mind – and gives warmth to others, even the coldest and hardest of hearts. Some person may not look as pretty as Agbani Darego or handsome as Mr Nigeria, but have the kindest, humblest, sweetest aura about them. You just tend to like them, without even knowing you are. They love truly, care freely, trust sincerely. What else would you call them, but BEAUTIFUL.

And also, the beauty which we admire from without: the contours here and those there, the eyes that sparkle as stars, the slender spotless legs, the muscular arms, the canoe-shaped lips when we smile, the dimples that appear on one’s face, as though carved in Asgard.

I’d conclude by saying inner beauty is objective, outer beauty is subjective. Absolute beauty therefore, does exist.
Remain beautiful not just without, but also within.

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