I behold my once strong dad
Now lying plugged to the wall
But he said he’d never be kicking no bucket
He was a warrior, but now a weakling
This side of him I’ve never seen

He said men don’t cry
Though I was the ‘other man’, I believed him and cried not
Cause I was the man
It was on his ferry that I rode
I was to be strong cause the world had no pity

But I was taken from where I call home –
Home was away from the world
A place where I was part of nature
And nature was a part of me
Where little creatures contributed to the whole

Of course I was strange to them
Cause I had a kinky hair,
But a big big heart
They took me from where I was,
To where they thought I ought to be

He was my hero
But I’m now his
‘Don’t you cry’, he had repeated
I shed not just a tear
But several, flowing freely from both eyes
It’s going to be the last time that I feel his warm embrace

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust
But before it goes all quiet behind my eyes,
I cry…

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