Is It?

It was hate, it was anger
It was a premonition of danger
It was love, it was courteous
It was a call to be virtuous

It was a word, it was a letter
It was a page, it was a chapter
It was a line, it was a song
It was a touch, it was a call to belong

It was pure, it was holy
It was for me to be Thine, wholly
It was a fast beating of the heart,
It was a conviction of the mind on Your part

It was a gory story, it was reality
It was immorality of man’s sexuality
It was a play with characters and actors
It was fore told by my ancestors

It was a decline, it was a wasting away
It was a terrible lost, it was for one to pray
It was the past, it was the future
It was not going to be the last;
It was yet again featured

What it was, is what it is
What it is, is what will be
What will be, is what it was
– A cycle…

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