A Day In The Woods

They walked passed me

Seated on a concrete chair

Within the woods,

I saw them

And had observed

But they disappeared

Nowhere to be seen

In the twinkle of an eye,


Hid by, or made one with the woods

Some I saw again

Once I left where I sat

Others, their voices were all I heard

It was a path threaded by a host

Some men

Others, creatures par excellence

Many with troubles of their own;

My curious mind can never get knowledge of

I had no choice

But to share a seat

With those very tiny creatures

Whose lives I had in my hand

And even let them read through the pages

Some had the audacity to put their proboscis

On me and suck until debauched

For nature had given them straws of a kind

But they didn’t seem to care at all

Whether they bothered me

Or were an intrusion to my solace

After much debate

I let them be

Night comes

The light gradually fades

It’s almost time to bid my friends goodbye

And leave the cool air

The rustling sounds of the leaves;

Which is pleasing to my ears

The cooling shade

The canopy.

All will be missed

But what I carry back with me

Is my solitude