I Burn

    The flames flicker
    From below flows its fuel
    Even gravity holds no bulls by the
    It is of the heart
    It lacks completeness
    For the other above warns
    But it’s been stifled
    Death is not come

    Life is a betrayer
    Infidelity is its hubby
    Promises it makes
    Are only transient
    Forgotten at a snap

    I prefer death
    For death is sure
    It is more certain
    It’s words are true
    Lies are far from it

    Life serves deceit in a goblet
    Where all mankind drink
    Unbeknownst of it’s bite
    Like an ulcer
    From where birth pangs are felt

    Death only keeps silent
    It is no telltale
    Uninformed it keeps you
    Of when in it’s embrace,
    One sleeps and is thoughtless

    Be it life or death,
    The bliss in nothingness,
    The joy in knowing,
    The pain in hurt,
    The hurt in pain,
    I will be.


To Nigeria

    Good morning mother
    Blessed are you among many
    A jewel, a precious stone
    Placed upon you is a responsibility
    I bid you to gird your loins
    For your youngings which suckled at your bosom
    Have grown.

    You have shown much Philoprogenitiveness
    But hate spurned their hearts;
    One brother against another
    With a gun, gunned down
    A son of one’s youth.
    A head is but a cork,
    Pulled out to spill the red wine
    That sustains

    We sons that went prodigal
    Here beseech thee
    That you not lose hope
    That you remain fervent in believe.
    Look not upon our rebellion
    But pray we find the lost path
    Indeed, in thee we find strength for
    Tomorrow is not what is coming,
    For tomorrow has begun.