If Only

    If only you could with me be
    That I may place a kiss
    Upon your lips
    Not as a peck
    But a deep throaty kiss
    And feel your breathe
    Down my face and neck

    If only you would let me
    Feel your touch
    Which causes waves
    Running haywire
    From my head to crouch
    And burn as a furnace
    Spewing heat from
    Within my core

    If only I could whisper a word
    Or two in your ears
    That our hearts beat
    Rhythmically bearing
    One another’s cares

    If only I could not just wish
    But feel thee in my reverie;
    Would I place my hand
    On your beating heart
    And strike the strings
    Of your harp
    And music so gracious,
    So melodious
    Would not the uncertainties
    Of life deter

    I would take you
    If you would me
    And hold firm our hearts
    In a clamp
    That when fire burns
    From within,
    Shining brighter
    Than a watchman’s lamp,
    We would


6 thoughts on “If Only

    1. You are most kind.
      You just made my head 23 times bigger!
      Maybe what I meant to say is, this was a quick attempt, instead of a piece with so many pieces 🙂


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