The Regrettable Song

I guess it started with a glimpse
And words said with one's lips
A 'hello' and 'hi'
A 'good day' and 'goodbye'

It moved to tiny conversations
And hidden admiration,
With a probable mixture
Of a virgin lens' capture

Feelings could no longer stay caged
And the words to express gushed
Out freely
The hounds caged so long were out on a rampage

A light was lit, but made to burn only a little
Because a mad man's heart felt brittle
He feared the turning of flesh to stone
And the breaking with sticks of bones

With time past,
He thought to let the flames burn blue
But his lips remained unmoved, retaining it's black hue

He was perturbed within
For a night and a day
He knocked but no one to let him in
It was another night and a day

For the stifler of flames
Has tasted of the bitterness of misguided aims
Another had kept the fire burning
While he remained stoic to guttural churning

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