2 something PM, 151116

Laying on the parlor three-sitter,

I fell into a deep sleep. Dreamless.

I regained consciousness a few micro-seconds

before my body, the blanket and pillow

hit the carpeted floor of the sitting room.

I got back up, regrouped all that was fallen

and closed my eyes once again.

Only, now I didn’t sleep.

I thought about my fall.

I felt it was hilarious – it’s been so long

something as that happened with me.

But I couldn’t laugh.

“Ehen. So the next thing will be to write a crash report abi?”

I said that pissed, and to no one in particular.

My crash disrupted my ‘deep sleep’

and that was enough reason to not

laugh I concluded.

I thought about saving paper by

making a boat, or a jet, or an aeroplane.

This thought made me smile, on the inside.


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